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GCC Expansion

Identifying opportunities

Materializing your ideas

Establishing and growing businesses


GCC region and especially United Arab Emirates shows constant hunger for new solutions, new concepts and innovation.

European companies who are ready to expand, have the great opportunity to explore those markets and in many cases, start a new business or a new business partnership in this region.

The same goes for companies based in GCC wanting to explore European markets.

With almost 10 years of experience working mainly in Dubai, we provide extended hand to those companies or individuals who offer a unique product, service or solution, to those who are ready for expansion, to those who chose GCC or Europe as their new business destination.

How do we qualify company or individual ‘ready for expansion’?

  • The company or individual has to be aware of initial investments and ready to invest in relatively short time after making the decision.
  • The company or individual has to have at least certain knowledge of the Middle Eastern market and local mentality. Open minded individuals or business people who are well travelled, and, as we say, ‘have seen it all’, have the greatest advantage.
  • Readiness in terms of human resources is one of the key factors leading to success. Having positive, success driven people on board who are ready to move and help in establishing your business in the Middle East can be one of your options.
  • Well thought-through business plan is another key to success. Not only for your own good sleep but also for your business partners or local sponsors in the Middle East.
  • Unique product, service or solution that will find its customer base.

Our services

  • Simple, informative market and competition analysis (presence, prices, locations, customers and other information)
  • Strategy definition
  • Advisory on market penetration
  • Company formation (the best company formation based on business nature and future strategy for the region)
  • Business development and further expansion
  • Interim company management
  • Human resources advisory and selection

Our experience
and know how


We tailor our approach to each and every client with regard to their requirements, expectations, scope of work and time frame needed for required tasks. Our pricing also depends on location, in other words if the work is performed in the Middle East or in Europe since traveling is involved up to certain extent.

Contact information

Monika Fiedlerova

+420.778.066622 / +971.(0)56.4280997

email: mf@gccexpansion.com

Ales Fiedler

+420.724.464425 / +971.(0)50.2241466

email: af@gccexpansion.com

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