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Hospitality can now look for experts in Poland


The Gulf countries seem to be ready for constant expansion when it comes to hospitality projects. And not only that. Hotels, restaurants, airlines and other companies which belong to hospitality industry are always looking for new, young, energetic, experienced and willing to learn individuals. And Poland is ready to assist in fulfilling those needs.

This is very good news indeed for all companies looking for employees, consultants, interim managers and other experts from Eastern Europe.

About Staffer 

Staffer is a leading provider of temporary staffing workers to the hospitality and catering industry. It has representation in all major cities in Poland. The company handles thousands of workers each year and works with the largest global hospitality brands in the market. The company provides permanent staff in the Food & Beverage sector. It also provides temporary staff such as waiters, kitchen support, set up crews, and hostesses. Staffer is also is a major employee leasing provider, and cloud based recruitment administrator.

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Should you need more information or if you have a specific request, please contact Staffer directly or through us.

Should you be looking into other European countries, i.e. Czech Republic and Slovakia, please contact us directly.

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